Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Social Networking for Middle Schoolers?

Is it a good idea? Are your middle schoolers/jr. highers on a social networking site? Most likely. I just got done reading a blog post by Dr. Laura It is a letter from a principal to the parents saying they should absolutely NOT have an account. The biggest reason he sites is the damage even just one mean comment has caused on so many students. One of the things I read was alarming.
5 of the last 8 parents who we have informed that their child was posting inappropriate things on Facebook said their child did not have an account. Every single one of the students had an account.

It really has caused me to think about this. I think that for the reasons stated I may agree. I think about my daughter, who is about to enter middle school, and know that I definitely do not want her fragile heart to be wrecked because some other girl posts some mean thing on a picture or posting she has uploaded. It is hard enough in school, imagine how hard it is online when kids can be "bolder" in their words and actions because somehow they feel it's OK because they are not face to face. I love social networking, I'm a huge fan, an early adopter, but this really has me thinking about age appropriateness.

As youth pastors, should we discourage this? After all, this is a major form of communication for many of us with students.

I would love to hear what you think. Click the link below and the poll will pop up. Speak more into this conversation in the comment area.

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Kyle said...

I can't vote on your survey because I don't think its as extreme as your options are. I think its one of those things that we can't sit back and tell kids "just don't do it" because so many kids are...and their friends are...

So instead, I think the key is to help them to use it responsibly and well. Most of the middle school students I know who use it do very little on it. It is much more of a high school thing.