Monday, August 10, 2009

Crazy Collaboration

I truly believe we can often do things better together than we can do on our own. This is an amazing example of just that. This is why way use teams for our events (DYC, Youth Quake, Quest). Those teams are invaluable. Without them it would be really difficult to pull off. Each person on the team plays a part and has valuable input into what happens during the event and how everything is threaded together.

We really want these events to be something that supports your ministry and helps you further what you are doing at "home." Our prayer is that what happens at these events will inspire you and your students to greater things in your own backyard. Maybe that means you do Youth Quake days where you go out and serve with your middle schoolers/jr. highers; maybe that means you set up an accountability ministry for your students; perhaps you are inspired to hone your craft of message prep and delivery. Whatever it is, we want to do what we can to serve you.

Check out this little collaboration vid. Lots of people, working hard together to make a bigger picture happen. Wow!

ps. as it is in another language that I do not speak, I have no idea what is being said/sung here.