Monday, June 13, 2005

Bellingham is a long way

As I took off this weekend with my daughter Kynzi to almost as far north in Washington as you can go, I wasn't sure what to expect out of the trip. I had traveled with my son Karston just a few weeks prior and absolutley loved it. This was my first big trip alone with Kynzi. What a blast. We sang, we laughed, we made up stories, we had Norwegian lessons...I think I am finally getting ahold of it. (haha...aren't I funny). It is amazing how much better a trip is when you travel with someone you enjoy being around than traveling by yourself or someone you would rather not.
I got an opportunity to speak at the graduation banquet at Northside Alliance Church. Something about how we are like a cell phone and it doesn't matter what carrier we choose (Bible translation) just as long as we stay connected and follow the plan. I know, a bit corny and you can strech it too far, but hey. MAN was that chocolate cake good! I hate the word moist, but it was!
Then I got to speak to the whole congregation in both services. Amazing how God can take a bonehead like me and use my words that He has put in my heart to challenge others. Sharing stories about my crappy "share Jesus with others" abilities. Again, amazing what God can do with someone who obeys Him. A lady shared with me that she had a 100 reasons not to come to church that morning and it was a huge battle and she almost didn't come, but there was 1 reason for her to be there. That was to receive the Word. She is leaving her jb after several years and they are having a good-bye party for her this week and she knows that God wants her to verbaly share Jesus Christ with her co-workers at this party. Wow!

Stopped by the Centralia outlets for a mental pause and leg strech and then back on the road. Shell had regular unleaded for $3.01!!!! I think they didn't want people to show up as it looked like all their tanks were shut down. Hmmm.